Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sacred 2 DRM - aw crap, NOW what do I do?!?

Well, Sacred 2 is a game I have been looking forward to and plan to buy, but I was annoyed at reading the press release from Ascaron about their DRM. They have a less restrictive SecuROM than Mass Effect / Spore, where you can activate / de-activate yourself to keep your license up to date. The problem?

"A transfer to a third (party) is not part of the license."

Which means that selling / trading will not allow you to transfer the license, so the new person cannot activate the game.
So what do I do? The other day I said I was going to actively oppose DRM junk like this, yet Sacred 2 is a game I want. Arrgh!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man. That is pretty lame... I heard about it but hadn't done much looking into. I've been waiting for Sacred 2 for a long time now (can't wait for DL:The Orb and the Oracle, either). :S