Saturday, July 17, 2004

Spiderman 2 at the Drive-in

It is now the morning after ...

We took the boys to see Spiderman 2 last night, at the Tri-Town Drive-In in Lunenburg. A few thoughts:

- The movie was very good. I liked it better in many ways than the first. I've always liked Tobey Maguire, but Kirsten Dunst was much better in this one.

- The boys did pretty well with it. I wasn't so worried about Danny - he's ready for this stuff. But Chris freaked when we saw the Dementor's hand in the trailer for Harry Potter at the IMAX, thus deciding we'd not be seeing that in 'large view'. He did good, a bit scared at times, but no nightmares, not talk of leaving early.

- The drive-in experience was interesting. The place was in need of a 'refresh' ... or something. We packed our dinner and snacks, and fold-up chairs, opened the back of the van and used the full speaker set. But there is so much 'stufff' going on, it is rather distracting.

We all agreed that it was a good movie, and that we had a fun time, and that we'd rather go to the cinema ...

Friday, July 16, 2004

Danny gets his face on a postcard!

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We spent the day at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts over April vacation, and they had tons of stuff for the kids, including a 'design a postcard' setup as part of the MFA's Japanese exchange program. The basic idea was to make a postcard, which would be shared with the Japanese fine arts museum, and then all the postcards from Japan would be shared in the US.

So yesterday we get the announcement for the viewing event in August, and who should appear in the lower right corner but our older son Danny (7). Check it out!