Friday, September 19, 2003

Neverwinter Nights Update

I had decided to pick up NWN for the Mac after it came out.

I figured it would be some fun while I waited for Jedi Academy, and that it would help me get my RPG 'skillz' in place for KOTOR.

I didn't figure I'd absolutely love this game. But I do. Who would have thought that a FPS gamer of 20+ years (ok, it was Castle Wolfenstein back then, can't really call that a FPS, but you get the picture) would be so into an RPG? Not me.

So I've been playing probably 70+ hours and getting near the end of Chapter 3. Whew this is one long game ...
OK ... so I've been playing some of Jedi Academy, which I picked up on Wednesday (the 17th) while the young lady at my local EBGames was still unpacking them.

I also picked up the Strategy guide on impulse ... oh well ... I'll not look at it until I'm done.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003 - Knights of the Old Republic The home site of this year's (so far) big mondo game. Sure everyone knew it would be great ... but THIS good?!?!?
Hi all!

Just wanted to start posting some thoughts leading up to the release of the new Jedi Academy game!