Friday, September 19, 2003

Neverwinter Nights Update

I had decided to pick up NWN for the Mac after it came out.

I figured it would be some fun while I waited for Jedi Academy, and that it would help me get my RPG 'skillz' in place for KOTOR.

I didn't figure I'd absolutely love this game. But I do. Who would have thought that a FPS gamer of 20+ years (ok, it was Castle Wolfenstein back then, can't really call that a FPS, but you get the picture) would be so into an RPG? Not me.

So I've been playing probably 70+ hours and getting near the end of Chapter 3. Whew this is one long game ...
OK ... so I've been playing some of Jedi Academy, which I picked up on Wednesday (the 17th) while the young lady at my local EBGames was still unpacking them.

I also picked up the Strategy guide on impulse ... oh well ... I'll not look at it until I'm done.