Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Negative feedback ... hard to take

The other night I got my first negative feedback at Goozex. I didn't panic or freak out - I knew what to do, and sent PM's to 'feedback' and also to the other trader in order to work things out.

But this is my first negative, and it really made me angry getting it! I was surprised, of course, and would have been with any game I had sent out. Unplayable disk was the reason. With a detail that the game installed fine, launched without issue and could create characters and choose options and so on without problem. But launching into the actual game after character creation resulted in a disk error crash.

But this time I had actually installed the game on my newer Macbook Pro (my initial playthrough and review had come from my older MBP) *just* before offering the game to see if there was any chance I'd keep it - but given that I have the PC version on the 'Windows side' of the Mac, I could compare performance and tell that I would never choose to play the sloppily ported Mac version again.

A 5 second Google search showed me a thread at Bioware that asked the same question as this other person, and basically the answer was that if you have a Macbook or some iMac's you are out of luck for this game. A further look shows that the minimum system requirements are discrete graphics with 128MB of video RAM. Meaning that all Macbooks and some iMacs are out.

I have gone back and asked the person what system they're using, and unfortunately they did have a Macbook. At the same time I had been copying Goozex on my progress, and once they knew the hardware situation then notified the other person that the buyer is responsible to make sure their system meets the requirements, and reversed the negative feedback.

The whole thing took less than 24 hours, and was an excellent exercise in customer service and how a user-powered community should work.

But seeing that negative? Boy did that suck.

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