Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Apple's new 'Genius' ... not too smart!

Of course I just couldn't wait to grab iTunes 8 as soon as it was posted by Apple. There are supposedly a bunch of new features, but the one Steve Jobs was touting in his big announcement was the 'genius', which is supposed to look at your library and into iTunes and then suggest things in your library and on iTunes that you might like.

Since the stuff I like tends to be obscure I decided it should be a good test - and I chose the Art Ensemble of Chicago's 'Reese & The Smooth Ones' from 1969 (out of print for a while then re-issued on CD in '05'). So I choose the first 'song', which was one side of vinyl, and click the 'genius' icon. The screenshot below is the hilarious results I got when it choked on the song. I wasn't surprised it couldn't help me, but figured it would have at least had the logic to say 'suggest from the genre of the song the user clicked'. I guess not ...

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