Friday, September 12, 2008

Retro: Not to be confused with GamerDad

What the heck? It seems like we should all be working together, but as usual Microsoft sees something that they like and stomp in like the 800lb gorilla. This time it is GamerDad - yep, place I've enjoyed being part of for the past few years. Seems Microsoft has launched a new site called 'Gamer Dad' - check it out here and here. The second one even says "(not to be confused with"
C'mon guys! I fully support the *idea* of what they are doing with the parental controls and all - and even thought for a moment that GamerDad had found a lucrative new home and all of us little-uns would have to write elsewhere ... which would have been fine.
I just hope that this can be resolved in a way that doesn't hurt GamerDad, nor does it blunt the message of Gaming with Children.
As one comment on that blog mentioned "Yep, another patented MS ripoff of a great site ... but, then, we've come to expect this and really shouldn't be shocked in the least.

Do yourselves a favor and go to the original instead of giving MS your hits."

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