Wednesday, September 10, 2008

News Flash: Apple's Mobile Me STILL Sucks

There has been loads of activity since Apple launched the iPhone 3G back in July, but too little seems to be focused on the fact that the launch of MobileMe was a disaster - and that the service continues to be easily described as 'MobileMeh'!

I have always liked the ability to access my .Mac email from the Mac or PC, and traditionally used the Mail app on the Mac and just used webmail on the PC. That has always worked great for me, right up until the MobileMe rollout. Along with the rest of the crap that happened, they changed to a new webmail interface.

The new interface looks nice enough, and I have been able to use the iDisk and WebGallery as well as the iCal and Address Book aspects very nicely. But the webmail interface is just plain crap. Oh it seems like it is going to work fine, but after trying to deal with it on my work XP laptop, my home/gaming XP laptop and my HP Mini-Note running Vista, I just punted and stopped looking at my Mac mail except for on my iPod Touch or the Mac. That wasn't convenient enough, so last night I set up Outlook Express on the gaming XP laptop so I can get my mail there. Lo and behold, the 187 mail messages I thought I had deleted through the MobileMe webmail interface were still sitting there ...

And I upgraded my Mac to iTunes 8 this morning but haven't done the iPof Touch to 2.1 ... but am hearing 'wonderful' things about it!

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