Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My review for Dungeon Lords is up at GamerDad. (Thanks Dhruin!) I scored it as a 3/5 (60%) and it was a very difficult review to write because:
- I had very high hopes for the game as my next Gothic II
- I got to know some of the people involved and they are all wonderful
- I actually had a blast playing it for >100 hours!

But in the end, there were so many glaring problems and deficiencies that the amount of fun I had actually went to 'tilt' the score from 50% to 60%.

I'm playing Restricted Area, and have gotten my 'Victoria' pretty powerful. It is a decent game, but while I'm going around accomplishing goals, I really can't say I'm having any fun.

As opposed to Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, which is just a joy. I am anguishing over turns early in battles, then relishing in my strategy as I see the tide of battle turn in my favor.

I've also been on an eBay buying spree ... picked up DarkStone, Revenant, Wizardry 8, Postal 2 (I traded Unreal II with a friend to play it originally, then we traded back) - so I can grab the expansion, and Boiling Point. Boiling Point is supposed to be a bit of a mess, but I got it for cheap ...


Anonymous said...

Go for Postal 2 if you wanna have some big fun. :D

Wizardry 8 is a very long game, mostly about nice combats. If you like 'lets make my party even more stronger and see how they hack'n'slash' kinda games spiced with some decent story, you will like it! But, Wizardry 7 is IMHO still the king of the genre, till probably Grimoire will be released.


txa1265 (Mike) said...

I already played Postal 2 - a friend bought it around the same time I bought Unreal II. We each played ours, then swapped. After gaining the ability to urinate Napalm, I found no reason to buy my own (nor he for Unreal II) so that was it ... but now I am thinking about the 'Apocalypse Weekend' expansion just out, so checked ebay and got a copy of the original quite cheap.

I'm very much looking forward to Wiz 8 ... did you hear that Grimoire has hit beta testing, for real this time?

Anonymous said...

Yep, I know Grimoire is real beta now, and I am very happy about the fact. Its planned to be released in October! :)

I didn know about Apocalypse Weekend, good that you mentioned it! Will look for it myself too! Thanks


keveskeves said...

oh, now I got my login.


Barry White said...
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