Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I spent another 'gaming lunch' ... and finished two games. (ok, it ended up ~1.5 hours, but I'm good for it ;) )

Restricted Area: I predict that this game will win an award - worst voice acting for whoever did Victoria ... she should just shut up and kill stuff. A cool looking and sounding game that turned quickly into a real yawner.

Postal 2 Apocalypse Weekend: The first game wasn't highly reviewed, but many found it a fun 'guilty pleasure'. I fall into that pack - worth playing once, try out the 'napalm urination', never played again. The expansion took ~4-6 hours, was completely inane and not fun.



keveskeves said...

I tried that one, but pity, it turned out to be a cyber-diablo in the first 30 minutes. :) Playing it, have you found interesting storyline, or anything apart from hacknslash? If not, I wont even think of returning to it.

txa1265 (Mike) said...

If you have the real game, and have seen the setup for the characters and read the manual ... you don't get much more. It is a disappointment - but I do have the 'afterglow' of the exciting ending area, which at least looks a bit different than the main dungeons you constantly see.

keveskeves said...

that sucks ;)

anyway, DLords patch is out. Maybe I will try it again, if I finish with Bards Tale.. :)

txa1265 (Mike) said...

How is Bard's Tale? I wasn't impressed by the demo ...

I just finished replaying Postal 2 - I hated the expansion so much, I had to go back and get the comparison. The original is still a 'hoot'. Not great by any stretch, but open, and varied, and fun.

I got the 1.3 Dungeon Lords patch, and played a bit yesterday, but am not ready to play a full game again.

keveskeves said...

Bards Tale, while doing the first training quest I found it funny. The graphics is rather fine for a console converted like BT is, or even for a PC-only game, so I am planned to continue. Yesterday I started it, learned a new healing spell, and went around into the village, collected some gold, looked at the nice textures of the village, was heading for the woods or what when... my PC just restarted in a blink!

This never happened before with my PC! It maybe the game, or the new video driver of ATI, or even momentary electricity shortage (but the TV which was switched on went on without the smallest sign). These are my tips. But I will try playing again maybe today.