Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Another day, and some more new games.

Restricted Area is a post-apocolyptic isometric action-RPG, which looks pretty nice, but has been giving me fits on the very first mission! I have started four games - two as Mr. Johnson and two as Victoria - and had to dump all of them. My Victoria missions failed because I died trying to conserve medkits. One Johnson ended the same way, the other I got stuck in a wall (i.e. BUG!) The CD is taking a rest right now ...

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is a RTS/RPG for the GBA. It is very well done, I'm playing on 'easy' so I get the full tutorial, and it is going pretty well. I have lost one of my people, whose name I can't forget, it was a minor fighter, and it is interesting how death is *final* in this game.

Dungeon Lords continues to get pummelled in reviews ... to the point where people can get away with barely playing any of the game, having a tough time and blaming the game ...


Anonymous said...

I didnt manage to finish Dungeon Lords, as Boiling Point, and Battle For Wesnoth ( came into my view. As for DLords I am waiting for the patch and echoes of it. In the end, I found the story of the game too sticky to clich├ęs, nothing really exiting. The combat/dungeon system was more interesting, but again not too detailed, no real surprises. Monsters, the same.

I recommend you Boiling Point, i dont know if you like FPS RPGs. Its non-linear, and fun! :)


txa1265 (Mike) said...

Thanks for the pointers, I'll bookmark Wesnoth for now ... and I've heard 'mixed' things at best on Boiling Point. I'll keep an eye on it, as it was a game I was tracking - because I *do* like RPG/FPS games! Unlike Dungeon Lords, though, it wasn't an instant-sell. I had hopes of a 'next Gothic 2' for DL ...

Anonymous said...

Uh, Gothic 2 was a sad story for me.. I tried to play it, and I started to enjoy it, when suddenly I run into such a scripting bug, which made my savegame a ruin:
I couldnt manage to fire an event by opening a chest (I opened it without key before. :D), so I could not make progress in my mage class (there is that pyramid thingy somewhere with big monsters.) I've lost my trust in the game, and didnt try to regain it,eventhough I heard many good things about it.

Gothic 1 was big fun! I beat it with joy. :)

About BP's mixed things: I cant say its the perfect one, although I think it has valuable fun as RPG and as FPS too, especially if you are getting bored about buggy fantasy/scifi.
And there is the patch 1.1 which fixes at least some critical bugs. For me it worked without bigger problems (1G memory I have, and WinXP SP1)

Yeah, and if you arent already aware of grimoire, dont forget to visit

It will be hopefully released soon, classic style indy RPG. ;)