Friday, May 06, 2005

Yesterday I finally got Wizards & Warriors ... it seems an interesting game, but after I found out that there are random attribute generation stats, I quit and started again. I have to get the 'best' character. I really don't like this type of thing - I know it adds variety to the role playing end, but I want the strongest possible character for a certain trait, not someone hobbled forever due to a 'bad first roll'.

I also picked up the new Episode III soundtrack. This is yet another John Williams masterpiece ... the epic 'Battle of Heroes', and 'Anakin vs. ObiWan' tracks are wonderfully done, and there is a mystery and tragedy to much of the music. Haven't had a chance to watch the DVD yet ... hopefully this weekend.

Finally, I picked up Star Wars Episode III game for the Nintendo DS. This game looks very good so far, but is a bit on the hard side. We will see as I go along. The screens don't do it justice, but check out

Still waiting for Dungeon Lords to arrive somewhere near me ... I guess I just learned a lesson about pre-orders ... especially for smaller titles.

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