Monday, May 16, 2005

My wife Lisa went on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this weekend ... she and a friend walked about 40 miles over two days. About 1800 people total participated and they raised millions of dollars! The boys and I didn't get there until Sunday morning (Friday night was 'walker only', and Saturday we were loaded up with Soccer, Baseball, etc...) but it was something - really emotional experience. Everyone was touched in some way by cancer, and there was total camaraderie between walkers - these people who didn't know each other were hugging and laughing and crying together. We were clapping and cheering for everyone while we waited for Lisa to arrive. Fortunately the weather stayed pretty decent for the weekend.

I played a ton of Dungeon Lords this weekend as well. I really like so much of it, that it is a shame about what isn't done or is incomplete. I can barely stand visiting the Dreamcatcher forums because of some of the harsh rhetoric, much of which is purely reactionary, but a lot is justified.

In particular, my hate of the Journal has only intensified over the weekend. I have dealt without the map, and am getting familiar with the land. But when I forget about who I need to talk to and where ... that is when any decent RPG should have a journal with notes to help me out. But instead I get the line 'Go to Skuldoon and help the Mage' - I know that .... he told me to do something, now what was it ?!?

I'm basically done with the Episode III game for the DS, and it was pretty good. Hard at times, repetitive at others, and I have no idea why the touch screen for 'special moves' was disabled during 'boss battles' ... but in general a lot of fun.

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