Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More from the Blizzard of '78

I knew I had some pictures I had scanned from slides my parents had in a box ... I dug them up yesterday just to look.

This one shows our house from the street. It is already more than 24 hours later, the snow has compacted, and everything is completely closed and snowed in. In order there is my Dad, my older brother (would have been ~14.5) and me (almost 12). The covered car was a '74 Chevy Impala ...

In this one you can see a bit up the street, showing that even by the 8th, two days after the storm, roads weren't plowed. The 'highway' down the street opened that day, and the convenience store (Bob's) opened up as well. We would take a sled down the street to get stuff, and run errands for people who couldn't get out of their houses yet.

OK, this isn't the Blizzard, but me after Christmas just before ... note the M16-look alike (had forgotten that) and my fave gift from that year - VertiBird! It was a helicopter that flew in circles ... I remember that the first one I got didn't work, and my dad called all around (hot gift that year) and that Child World in Framingham said they had one and would hold it for him. We got there, and of course they didn't have any ... my Dad was *furious*! Upon yelling at the manager, they 'found' one held for someone else and I got it! Unfortunately, while I kept it, my attempts to rewire and get it working for my kids were to no avail ... it was just dead.

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