Thursday, July 28, 2005

Game rentals - I did my first one yesterday. As someone who is normally on the cutting edge, I'm way behind on this ... I rented a Scobby Doo GameCube game for the kids a year or so ago when my wife was going away for the weekend, but this is different.

Normally I buy everything I'm looking forward to 'new', meaning I generally pay full price. In late 2003, as I got into RPG's, in order to 'catch up', I began spending more time on eBay, picking up some good deals along the way. I got some pretty good deals along the way.

But this year, with the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP coming along, and a number of small-shop RPG's, I've found myself paying full price for games. And given the quality of many of these games ... it was just too much. I wanted to try renting ever since Blockbuster announced PSP rentals, but the closest shop to me didn't carry them (or participate in the 'no late fees' program!). But I just found that there is another store a few miles away, and they had Dead to Rights Reckoning. Perfect - I've heard that it is pretty mediocre, and I already regret paying $40 for Coded Arms.

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