Monday, April 11, 2005

OK, as if it isn't bad enough that for my 39th birthday my wife and kids got me Lego Star Wars for the PC ... my wife decided to 'surprise' me with Untold Legends for my newest toy, the PSP. Unfortunately I already had it, being it was the only game I *really* wanted for the PSP.

So we went back to Target where she bought it and returned the game. Then we headed to the game section where - no surprise to me - there were no PSP or DS games I wanted. BUT, there was Lego Star Wars for the GBA. I had made a resolution about this:

The Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon Principle - Remember that the very best Star Wars GBA games are mediocre, and most are pretty lousy, so do *not* 'day of release' purchase anything Star Wars for a handheld system ... wait for reviews.

Oh well, I broke it ... so what do I think?

The PC game is loads and loads of fun, and just completely encourages exploration.
The GBA game has cool action, nice graphics, but respawning enemies that make you think fast and discourages exploration.

We'll see as things progress ...

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