Thursday, April 09, 2009

Idol Thoughts - Blind Scott edition

This entire week at American Idol was pretty lousy ... and I really cannot muster the energy to recap it again. I failed to take notes during the lackluster performances, and we were more interested in the return of Fringe than the fact that Idol was on.

But really there were no surprises - Lil was mediocre but the judges made sure to praise her copiously while criticizing; Danny Gokey sang a remake of a 60's song and nobody called him on it; Matt was really pretty lousy but got universal praise; Anoop was quite good but got lukewarm praise. The only one that made sense was Adam - he was really good and the only question is whether or not he should WANT to win the competition. The Daughtry comparison always comes out - he was upset about not winning but has outsold the rest of his season 5 rivals combined.

The results show was the usual waste of time with hokey lip-syncing, cheesy Ford commercial with a 'behind the scenes' time-waster for extra cheese, a decent performance by Flo Rida, a pretty lousy one by Kelly Pickler who seemed to struggle moving around in too-high heels and a too-tight dress.

The bottom three were Anoop, Lil and Scott. Anoop seemed quite annoyed, and I think the fact that he is quite smart is making the whole phony pretense of the show unbearable for him. I feel his pain and annoyance.

Lil, of course, is safe, and Anoop is certain he is doomed. But Scott is sent packing, with no save from the judges.

Theer has been talk about how he was 'inspirational', and of course that is the story Idol has been pushing. He has certainly had challenges to overcome, but at this point it is time to put that aside and deal with the reality that Scott has been having some lousy singing moments recently.

I'm not even sure what they're doing next week ...

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