Friday, November 04, 2005

Bookworm ... or, just checking my references ...

These days you hear about falling literacy rates all over the place, how kids would rather plug into to watch Cartoon Network or play on the PS2 than pick up a book. We have always worked to instill a love of reading in our kids, and apparently it worked ... my younger son was reading a Usborne book on crystals he had gotten from the library, and it referred to the bible as a historical reference for a certain piece of crystal used on armor. He has probably read more of the Bible than the rest of the family - it started with reading the stories of Daniel in his 'Children's Bible' after watching the VeggieTales video, but he quickly grew into the full 'Good News Bible' I had gotten back when I was in CCD as a kid. When I walked into his room, I expected him to be reading on of the Droon or Narnia books, or perhaps a Garfield book ... but this floored me and I had to capture the moment.


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