Friday, August 26, 2005

On the gaming side, a few things:
- I picked up Dungeon Siege II. I didn't like D1 all that much, but got it for the Mac for $5, so it was sort of a throw-away. But after playing the demo and really enjoying it, I took the plunge. I wasn't disappointed - it is a solid 80% game that reminds me of my recent experience with Project: Snowblind. That is, not a stellar game, but just plain solid.
- More purchases - Death Jr. (PSP), Advance Wars: Dual Strike (DS), and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (PC). Death Jr. started great, but faded fast to 'meh'. I'm really starting to wonder about the versatility of camera and controls on the PSP after the last three games! The Doom 3 expansion is actually very good - I just finished it over lunch. Even prettier, with some cool weapons (double-barrel shotgun! and grabber). Advance Wars is the coolest of the three, and a surprise for me since it is a strategy game. But after the first several missions I love it.

... and one other thing ... if you check the image below, you see that Dungeon Lords has been removed from my gaming laptop, marking the end of that game - the disks are in my storage box, and I don't think I'll see them again soon.

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